07 June

Shop it up at Market Day

The Spirit of Collaboration at Gistrav Islamia School’s Market Day! Market Day is a highly anticipated event for all the children and parents, as they can showcase their creative ideas …

07 June

Fun Walking Under the Sunshine

Fun walking together under the sunshine At the Gistrav Family Gathering, the relaxing walk was the activity that kicked off this enjoyable event. Together, we walked side by side under …

07 June

Mabit Ramadhan

Students from GIS Elementary School came together under the starry sky to celebrate the cherished MABIT event, and the atmosphere was nothing short of magical. This special night was all …

07 June

Iftar with Gistrav Foundation

Ramadan brings us together to strengthen bonds. We extend a warm welcome to the enthusiastic parents of Gistrav Islamia School students who joined us for the Iftar event with the …

07 June

Kajian Islamic Parenting

Kajian Islamic Parenting with Ustadz Wira Mandiri Bachrun, S.Kom. We are delighted to have the opportunity to hold an event with the large family of Gistrav Islamia School. Stemming from …

07 June


STEAM EXHIBITION DAY! STEAM Day at Gistrav Islamia School feels different because we hold a STEAM exhibition showcasing our students’ extraordinary works! Not only do we showcase their works, but …

07 June

Fun Mini Trip at Superindo

Embarking on a delightful learning adventure, Gistrav Islamia School took the children on a Fun Mini Trip to Superindo Sleman City Hall at the end of the semester. They learn …

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