Playgroup to Kindergarten

We encourage children to memorize, explore, design and most importantly, play. The aims are to:

  • Daily Praying 
  • Implementation of Sunnah
  • Develop foundational literacy, numeracy, cognitive, physical and social skills
  • Stimulate children creativity
  • Respect others
  • Collaborate in a helpful spirit of ukhuwah

Program Highlight

As a child in developmental age, cognitive and motor skills are very important.
Designed with full support in the form of reading, writing, arithmetic and motoric activities, the Pre-School at GIS-Jogja has a positive vision for student self-development with a positive adaptive attitude.

Group Classification


  • Umar Class (3-4 Years Old)


  • Kindergarten A (4-5 Years Old)
  • Kindergarten B (5-6 Years Old)


Reciting Al-Quran

Practicing the Sunnah


Other Physical Activities

Teaching and Learning Approach

In the application of learning, the main foundation remains based on the Qur’an and Sunnah

The curriculum and National Learning Methods are still applied here, so that communication between teachers and students can be maximized with a local approach

Not only teach by theoretically, teacher will also provide direct teaching in the form of practice that students can observe and imitate in a real way


ELP-GIS (Executive Leaderpreunership Program)

To support the realization of the Muslim Leaderpreneurship Program, Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja has the privilege of helping students develop themselves, namely by Executive Leaderpreneurship Program. In detail, this program is describe on the next page

(PCP-GIS Community)

PCP-GIS Community is the program that ask for student’s parent to practice their own carrier to be modelled by student of Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja. For example; There is parent who work as chef, so she/he will demonstrate it in front of students. Its possible for other work.